Care and maintenance - motorcycle helmet


Only ever place the helmet on smooth, flat surfaces from which it cannot fall. Do not store the helmet for long periods in places exposed to direct sunlight and/or near heat sources. If possible, always store it after use in the protective bag provided. Do not sit on the helmet. Do not ride with the helmet fastened to the anti-theft ring or the saddle. Do not hang the helmet on mirror stems or coat hooks. Do not leave the helmet within reach of children or animals. Do not use biocides in the vicinity ofthe helmet.


Never make any modifications to the helmet. Do not drill holes in the shell. Do not repaint the shell. Do not remove parts that are not described as movable in the User Manual. Do not modify the retention system. Only use original Dainese SpA accessories. Before fitting them, check the compatibility of these accessories with your specific helmet and its intended use. For this purpose, please refer to the accessory's information document.


Clean the outer shell using only water and neutral detergents. To remove components and clean them properly, please refer tothe User Manual for the specific model. If supplied, clean the visor with water and neutral detergents only. Dry without rubbing. If supplied, clean the Pinlock® anti-fog lens using only am icrofibre cloth and lukewarm water. Do not wipe dry. The inner components (cheek pad, liner, chin strap tining, wind protection and neck guard) can be washed by hand with mild soap at a temperature not exceeding 30°C. Cleaning is easier and more effective when performed immediately after use. Never use petrol, benzene, glass cleaners, abrasive products or substances containing solvents or hydrocarbons to clean the visor and its mechanisms, as these may impairthe properties of the visor and its mechanisms. Do not use sharp or pointed objects to remove caked dirt from the visor. Do not dry the visor on heat sources. Frequent cleaning immediately after use prolongs the life cycle of the Pinlock® lens. Do not use abrasive tools or aggressive products containing ammonia or alcohol for cleaning. Do not dry the Pinlock® tens by exposing to direct sunlight.

 La pulizia é più semplice ed efficace quando eseguita subito dopo l'utilizzo.

 Per la pulizia della visiera e dei suoi meccanismi non utilizzare mai benzina, benzene, pulitori per vetro, prodotti abrasivi
contenenti solventi o idrocarburi, poiché possono compromettere le proprieta della visiera e dei suoi meccanismi. Non utilizzare oggetti
taglienti o appuntiti per rimuovere dalla visiera sporco sedimentato. Non asciugare la visiera su fonti di calore.

 Una pulizia frequente ed eseguita subito dopo l'utilizzo prolunga il ciclo vitale della lente Pinlock®.

 Non utilizzare per la pulizia strumenti abrasivi né prodotti aggressivi o contenenti ammoniaca o alcool. Non lasciare asciugare la lente
Pinlock® esponendola alla luce solare diretta.